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Curriculo Solutions and COIL International Students

Pharmacist for the Future Programme (PFP)

How To Get Your University Higher Up In The League Table

Careers and Employability: Using a career plan to achieve your dreams

How your faculty needs to evolve to keep up with education industry trends

The most commonly asked questions by graduates for career guidance

Why Your School Needs Career Skills Programmes

Interview tips: Four Cringe-Worthy Interview Nightmares to Avoid

Student Empowerment: Achieving Success Once You Graduate

Employment skills: Five ways to enhance student employability (Part 2)

Correlation between university rankings and partnerships, and its impact on human capital attraction

How to ensure you attract the right talent to your institution

Four ways to enhance student employment skills (Part 1)

The importance of networking: University partnerships and why they're beneficial

Job-Related Skills: How To Ace That Job Application

Then vs now: How today’s job market differs to that of your parents

What are soft skills and why do you need them?

Interview skills quiz: How ready for that interview are you really?

How our career planning programme is tailored to any vocation

What NOT to do when career planning for your future

Career planning: The most popular career paths for graduates today

The future of education and technology over the next ten years

The future of global university funding and what this means for your institution

Preparation for working life: How to get your students to take an interest in their careers

Leading curriculum change: What will be the most popular degrees of the future?

Entrepreneurship or employment skills: Which should your university prioritise?

Why institutional reputation matters and its implication for talent acquisition

Career Planning: What goes into crafting a killer career plan

The importance of graduate mentorship programmes for students

Student psychology: How to impart exam motivation on students

What the future of the job market means for the education industry

The value of work experience and career skills development for university students

Your one-stop exam preparation survival guide

Five common student stereotypes that you’ll find on campus

Education and Technology: What Differentiates Generation X from Millennial Students

Curriculum development: How much is a degree really worth?

The top factors that influence student satisfaction in universities

Things you should never do on your first day at work

How career development programmes can enhance graduate employability

What career guidance at today’s universities should look like

The impact of taking a gap year after university

Leadership development: When to apply different leadership styles

Four emerging education trends for 2017

Teaching Styles Quiz: What Kind Of Teacher Are You?

What our career development programme teaches students

How Our Industry Engagement Programme Was Shaped By Industry Experts

How To Tell When It’s Time For A Curriculum Overhaul

What To Expect From Your First Year Of Work

How To Bring Your Curriculum Into The Digital Age

How To Handle Problem Parents

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