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How Our Industry Engagement Programme Was Shaped By Industry Experts

Karen Glen
Monday, 22/05/2017 - 12:00

Career development training is as important a part of your students’ school training as Highers. Here’s how we developed our IEP with this in mind.


Why Curriculo created the IEP – our Career Development Training programme

Your oldest students are at one of the most significant crossroads of their lives. Between studying hard for their last set of school exams and anticipating the move away from home to university, they might also be mulling over their career options. For someone who has never been through this process of choosing your career, it can be confusing. How can they possibly know what their future employers expect if they’ve never been through the arduous process of looking for work – and then actually making it through those pivotal first few years of their career?

The kind of planning and career development training required to forge a career can’t be left to chance or gut feel. Our Industry Engagement Programme (IEP) was designed with your students in mind, by leaders of industry in the education sector who understand the skills young people require to enter today’s competitive job market.


In this article, we’ll look at some of the reasons we created our Industry Engagement Programme.

The job market is becoming a more competitive space for young people making a start on their careers – preparation and career development training is therefore essential

The reality that faces young people when they leave education and enter employment is far from rosy. The ripple effect of the 2008 economic crisis is still being felt in many sectors, with fewer positions available for greater numbers of highly qualified graduates. What’s more, the majority of employers don’t think that these young and enthusiastic job seekers are ready for work. Sadly, a stellar degree and school record are no longer distinguishing features on a CV – your students need to invest a bit more into differentiating themselves. 87% of employers value attitude and aptitude when choosing successful job candidates – far above which university the candidate went to. Add this to the fact that 69% of employers aren’t confident there are enough people with the right skills to fill roles, and it’s clear that students need to begin career development training early.


Curriculo’s founding members know what employers look for in prospective job candidates, and have structured the IEP around this

Our IEP has been crafted by Curriculo’s four founding members, all of whom have more than 100 years collectively of experience in recruitment, managing high performing teams and developing effective career development training programmes. Their on-the-ground experience across multiple industries means that this career development programme is geared towards the needs of today’s employers. Any student completing the IEP will be armed with the exact work readiness skills that employers seek in their ideal job candidates.


Whatever their subject or future degree choice, our career development training is relevant

The great news is that the employability skills sought after by employers are completely learnable – regardless of which subjects your students have chosen to study or the type of career they’re looking to pursue after school. The confidence required to market oneself, problem-solving nous, and interview and communication skills are all attributes that can be instilled and developed in students undergoing career development training.

The IEP is structured so that students can complete the five module course over a period that suits them and complements their study schedule. And with this small investment, your students will equip themselves with skills that will see them through the rest of their careers.

If you’d like to take the next step and equip your students with what they need to forge stellar careers, register for our Industry Engagement Programme today.


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