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Why Your School Needs Career Skills Programmes

Karen Glen
Tuesday, 18/12/2018 - 11:13

Why Your School Needs Career Skills Programmes

Once your students have finished their Highers and are released from under your auspices, it’s time for them to face the ‘real world’. This will be an exciting and daunting time for them. The thrill of adult life beckons, but with it comes the pressure of figuring out what they’re going to do with their life. A rare few will have known since the beginning of secondary school that they’re going to study medicine or History of Art. Others will choose their degree or next step based on their current interests. Whatever the motivation behind their choices, the world of work is what ultimately awaits them. How ready are they to face the competition and challenges of entering the job market?

Young people aren’t ready for the world of work, say employers

If you think a bright intellect and stunning academic credentials are all it takes to impress today’s employers, think again. A survey (quoted on BBC news) conducted by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants found that 80% of employers think school-leavers lack the requisite business skills (like numeracy) to thrive in a workplace. Add this to the fact that there’s a shortage of skilled work for graduates in the UK and only a small percentage of graduates are ready for employment in India, and the prospects of young people finding suitable jobs looks even grimmer. The onus has now fallen on schools to adequately prepare their students for the transition to work. Enter the need for career skills programmes. While career advisory services can be beneficial, they don’t actually develop the right skills in students that they need in order to become work ready.

The right career skills programmes are designed to fit in alongside a student’s studies, whatever their curriculum

Surely your students (not to mention, you!) have enough work without having to take on the burden of preparing themselves future jobs as well as exams? While we agree that getting your students through A levels is a big task, preparing them with career skills programmes needn’t overwhelm that load. Curriculo’s Industry Engagement Programme (IEP) has been created for students to fit alongside their studies, whatever their subject choice. Designed by business leaders with extensive experience in high-level management positions and in partnership with universities and businesses, the IEP covers the most essential components of becoming work ready.

Our programme will introduce your students to:

  • Understanding how to leverage their strengths and weaknesses. This self-awareness is highly valued by employers, and also assists students in making optimal career choices.
  • Planning for their future careers. Students will discover the importance of creating a plan that puts them on the right trajectory, and learn how to create a professional network that kick-starts their career plan.
  • How to market themselves in a way that’s attractive to future employers. Part of planning a stellar career is developing the skills required to promote one’s personal brand.
  • Developing and honing interview skills. Interviewing well and knowing how to excel at job applications are a fundamental step towards securing a position post-studying.

The IEP can be tailored to fit your school and students’ requirements

By offering the IEP to your students, you’re preparing them with the skills and capabilities needed for an incredible career – can the schools you’re competing with say the same thing? Our programme can be completed online, in the classroom or via a combination of both, which means your students can fit it around their own coursework and revision schedules. It’s spread over five modules, which can be completed any time. And the fact that it’s autodidactic means you don’t need to worry about increasing your staff’s workload.

Competition between secondary schools is increasing, as well as in the job market your students will face over the next few years. You need to offer them employability courses well before they decide what degree they’re going to study at university, so that they hone and develop the skills they need to prosper throughout the beginning years of their careers. If you’d like to find out how your school and students would benefit from the IEP, don’t hesitate to get in touch here.

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