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How our career planning programme is tailored to any vocation

Karen Glen
Friday, 17/08/2018 - 04:50


Offering a career planning programme is essential if you’re serious about giving students the best chance of career success.


Curriculo’s Industry Engagement Programme (IEP) is a career planning programme that has been sculpted around what employers are looking for in graduates today. Far too many young people leave education without being prepared for—or armed with the necessary skills to add value to—their first jobs post-study. This isn’t due to a lack of talent or intelligence, or a failing in their education; they simply aren’t given the means to develop the skills and attributes they need to flourish in the workplace. This situation can be remedied within a matter of months, simply by introducing a career planning programme alongside their core subjects.

A solid career planning programme will develop and hone skills that are transferable across any industry


The work-readiness or career development programme that you offer your students needs to be agile enough to fit around whichever subjects and disciplines they pursue. While any career planning programme might be better than none, if you really want to give students the best chance of launching a fulfilling career, the programme you choose needs to be transferable across any career path or industry. That’s why the IEP focuses on skills that are needed in every imaginable role, and that will be required throughout a career. For example, we place particular emphasis on developing communication, problem-solving and self-awareness skills—all vital for adapting to the workplace.

The IEP is broadly applicable, but also highly personalised to each student


The broad applicability of the IEP career development programme for multiple career choices and interests doesn’t mean that students receive a one-size-fits-all experience. As mentioned, self-awareness is an integral take-out from the IEP; it’s through this self-awareness that students recognise and develop their strengths, and learn how to apply them to their unique career direction. They’ll receive a team strengths profile, a personal career management skills audit, and a document to help them create a personal brand matrix and career plan—all things that will continue serving them long into their careers.


With years of experience in education and managing high performing teams, Curriculo has created the IEP to give students what they need to succeed in work

The IEP was designed by Curriculo’s founders—business leaders with decades of combined experience within education and the corporate world. We understand how organisations function, how high performing teams are created, and what employers value in employees—as well as where new graduates often fall short when entering the workplace. The IEP gives students the best possible introduction to the world of work and enhances your students’ chances of realising their dream careers.

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