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Curriculo Solutions and COIL International Students

Karen Glen
Thursday, 23/11/2023 - 10:49

Curriculo Pharmacy - working with International Pharmacists, Pharmaceutical Scientists, Biotechnology and Nutrition and Dietetic Students from Universidad CEU San Pablo, Università degli Studi di Torino and Université Paris-Saclay.

Working with pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists who are participating in the @Curriculo Pharmacy, Pharmacists for the Future Programme (PFP) is always rewarding. I am lucky enough to work with some of the world’s newest and most experienced in their field and I am never disappointed with the enthusiasm and openness with which they engage in this learning.

We recently agreed a partnership with @Universidad CEU San Pablo, @Università degli Studi di Torino and @Université Paris-Saclay to work with a group of their international students, winners of the best oral communications in the international COIL Congress. These students are not only studying Pharmacy but also Biotechnology and Nutrition and Dietetics. The commitment to learn and the desire to develop their capabilities is palpable.

Our learners already have raised levels of self-awareness, they have a good understanding of their team strengths and an ability to start to recognise these in others with whom they work. They understand the benefits of establishing a professional network and how it can be used to support their skill development and career decisions. Most recently they have been creating their ‘Personal Brand Matrix’ a document they will use to create a personal statement and write a meaningful CV along with preparing for interview.

Our next session tackles #Interview Technique – considering the preparation required and techniques to ensure that they can successfully share their skills and strengths with future potential employers. After this, it is all about investigating their ambition and thereafter, writing their 5-year career plan, based on that ambition.

“The PFP program has been an eye-opening experience, providing me with a deeper understanding of working in a team and how to relate with different professional profiles. The online workshop discussions have been particularly valuable, allowing me to connect with fellow students and gain diverse perspectives on covered topics. I'm grateful for the opportunity to participate in this program and continue my professional growth.

Maxim Bouvet, Universita degli Studi di Torino

“At the beginning I was a little sceptical about this course. After few meetings I changed my mind: this is a great occasion to start developing the so-called "soft skills" that are more and more requested from companies nowadays. It's never a waste to invest time on yourself!”

Anna Fumero, Universita degli Studi di Torino

 The peer-to-peer learning and the fact that these students can join a group of those who have already completed the PFP, means that their learning does not finish when the programme ends.

It is a privilege to work with you - @Natalia García-Tenorio Fernández, @Hossein Allahdadi, @ REBECCA GAIA GIULIA MAFFIOTTI, @Rola Kazma, @Sajja Molya, @Marta Roquero, @Cristina Natera, @Anna Fumero, @Maxim Bouvet.

Thanks to the whole of the COIL organising team -by @Pérez García Carmen, @Paola Otero Gómez, @Carolina Hurtado Marcos, @Rocío de la Iglesia González, @Mª Fernanda Rey-Stolle Valcarce, @Francesca Spyrakis; @Angela De Simone, @Marina Gallarate; @Giulia Caron, @Sonja Visentin; @Cinzia Bertea; @Dorine Bonte and @Eric Morel.

Thanks also to @FIP_org @DaliaBajis @Ozge Ozer

We look forward to welcoming more of your students onto the PFP in 2024! #leadership #careermanagement #empowerment #self-awareness #self-reflection


Tutor on the Pharmacist for the Future Programme (PFP), Curriculo Solutions

You can read more about the programme here - Pharmacists for the Future - Not just for Pharmacists .

If you want to enrol, scan the QR code - we look forward to welcoming you onto the programme.

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